Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fair well and goodbye for now

Our job is complete for now. The library opened to the public today. One-hundred fifty school children from Shalom Primary School and many others from the community gathered packing the library to overflowing. We don't know who was more excited - the villagers of Gikumbura or members of our team. The Woman's Guild and the Pastor of the church offered prayers; the children performed songs and a dance bringing all of us up to join in their dance. We were given beautiful paper necklaces and Ethel was given a broom after taking pictures of one of the ladies sweeping (see previous post). It was an exciting morning. Words cannot express the many emotions we experienced as we bid farewell to these beautiful people with whom we have grown so close. Many of us shared tears as we departed, hoping to return one day.

Tomorrow the library will blessed and Peter Kenneth, the Kenyan deputy minister for planning and development and presidential candidate, will dedicate it. A surprise plaque will be unveiled thanking Fredrick's parents for their part in making this miracle happen.

Eight of us depart tonight with our lives changed forever.

Asante sana & Thii na wega

Thank you and goodbye (Kikuyu)

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