Friday, July 13, 2012

Thursday-internet down

Things are going well both in the construction of bookshelves, tables and benches - seating for 103 people and the sorting and processing of 7000 books. Friday is our last full day to work and we are very hopeful of finishing and moving most of the books into the library. The local volunteers and workers have been amazing. They have worked diligently learning new tasks such as cataloging books. Fredrick's dad, Gituku, has taken over the power saw and has been the leader in the building. Thomas, the librarian, is enthusiastic about his job and is taking books home to read to see if they are appropriate for the library.

Tonight we had dinner with the Kenyan Presidential candidate, Peter Kenneth. He will attend the dedication of the library on Sunday. We continue to be struck by the warmth and joy of the people and the beautiful children all so curious about the library and anxious to have a book. The concept of a library is a new one.

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