Sunday, July 8, 2012


We attended a spirit filled service at Fredrick's parents church, Rev Musa Gitau Presbyterian Church. It is here that the library building has been built. We were welcomed and blessed. There was wonderful music and prayers and a sermon. Most we could not understand, but could recognize the Lord's prayer and the message of the sermon to do good as Christ would do and the familiar words of "Whom shall I send...., send me Lord.

Josette, Nancy and Ethel were given Kikuyu names at the service because we have returned multiple times.

During a visit to Fredrick's parent's home for a birthday celebration for his dad, Stephen, we presented the St. Anne's prayer shawl to Fredrick's mom, Teresa.

We had a wonderful surprise when we saw Koung, one of the Lost Boys of Sudan whom we met at the Compass School in December, 2008. He is now in boarding school and doing well.

Yesterday we went by to see Joseph and Tim at their new (to them) homeo
being provided by Mtoto Africa. Joseph's feet are much improved and he showed us how he could run. We met his surgeon this afternoon who will do a check-up with him next week.
How wonderful it is to follow these kids and families we have helped and developed relationships with over the years.

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