Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday last work day

We did not think it would happen - all books are processed and cataloged and shelved. The furniture has been built and painted. The floor is freshly painted and Joseph, a young student, has painted murals on the walls. We met Joseph last year when he painted murals on the school library walls. Joseph has not been in school recently because his family could not pay the school fees. Fredrick hired Joseph to paint murals to earn his tuition - a little over a $150 for the rest of the year.

Tomorrow morning we will move the furniture into the library and open the library to the public and it will be dedicated at the Sunday Service. One of the team members came to help build a library and was excited about that idea. She wound up making some Kenyan friends that she hopes she can stay in touch with for the rest of her life. They are a special, joyful people, living under difficult circumstances, who praise God for the blessings He has bestowed on them. We all feel richly blessed by this experience.

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